Repeatable Successful Acts

The Potential of Taking ONE Impactful StepRSA

At the heart of every company is sales and at that heart is the fact that everyone sells.

A two-year study into the sales behaviors of million dollar producers from seven different industries has produced a unique and powerful sales platform, Repeatable Successful Acts (RSA).  The RSA platform introduces over 28 key behaviors that are systemically repeated, spanning industries to form a previously undiscovered pattern of sales success.

By adding the RSA platform to your sales training and processes you can leverage ideas that have a proven history.  These behaviors are “in play” in Fortune 100 companies and by adding these tested methods you mitigate the risk associated with adding new ideas and gain engagement with your sales team.

The RSA Platform can be integrated by:

  • Adding the RSA’s to your existing sales training and combining your program with a menu of top sales performers proven success strategies.
  • Add chosen RSA’s to your existing sales process, thus blending your current success with specifically chosen behaviors customized to fit your specific needs.
  • Discover your sales forces RSA’s through the use of the Narrative Arc Platform.  A series of custom questions are developed to create a Narrative Arc template and a series of sales performer interviews are held.  The accumulated narrative answers contain patterns of performance that can be enhanced, modified, and taught to create leverage found in your existing sales force.