Building The Rich History Of Your Company

Traditions Learning is the brain child of creative genius Walt Disney.

Walt believed everyone associated with the Disney Company should know how the various and constantly evolving pieces of the organization had their beginnings, what they did and what they meant to the success of a shared experience.  What values formed their foundation of accomplishment?  How was the company structured?  Who are the key people and what was their vision?  How did all this happen?

Walt wanted them to know the “traditions” that built the Disney story.

If every team member started their particular job with this basic knowledge, Walt felt he would be miles ahead in his task of providing the finest level of service the world has ever known.

Traditions offer you the ability to create, teach and live the story of your organization.  A story that every player in your organization should know and be able to replicate.  A story that provides a starting point that opens the door to your unique culture.

Traditions is a systemic approach to:

  • Gathering the information to formulate the story.
  • The creation of the dynamic company story.
  • A variety of delivery tools of delivery including:
    • Educational classes that become part of orientation so that each team member can begin their employment experience embedded in the companies culture.
    • Educational classes so the story is integrated into the sales culture, creating a dynamic connection between your clients and your company.
    • Rich Media, including video, newsletters, HTML templates.