Over Coffee: This video series offers our followers bite-sized morsels of strategy that can be implemented today! So, take some time out of your morning routine to take advantage of our custom content over your daily cup of joe.

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Our Presentations

Patterns of Change: Finding a repeatable pattern in business can be difficult. There is one pattern that all long-standing and successful companies share. Watch Steve describe one of the fundamental issues to address as your business grows.


Flawed Thinking: It’s easy to get caught in a thinking trap. Here is a classic thinking trap. Watch to see how to avoid it and how to leverage it into you daily business activities.


The Power of StoryThere are stories being crafted. There are stories being told. There are stories of authenticity and richness that engage our mind and imagination. There are stories tired in their design and missing the mark of impact. What is your story and how well do you tell it?


Innovation from Paying AttentionAccidental encounters can lead to unbelievable innovation. Give yourself the opportunity to realize these leverage points.


Clarity of Purpose and ValueIn a world so saturated with competing markets and products it becomes harder and harder to differentiate yourself. Don’t become a victim of “value roulette.”


Small Things Have a Big ImpactSingle isolated events can change the entire perception of a company. Understand how impactful the small things can be.


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