At its core, Creative Ventures is a strategic consulting firm and for over 30 years, Stephen Harvill and his team have pioneered methods and techniques that have helped companies stretch to their true potential.

Working with companies of all sizes, from the Fortune 100 to small start-ups, Stephen focuses his ideas and energy to achieve extraordinary goals.

Centered in three business units – Presentations, Education, and Application (consulting) – Stephen and his team share a base of original ideas that are reshaping the landscape of business.

Steve Harvill

During the past 25 years, Stephen Harvill and his Creative Ventures team have helped some of the world’s most respected companies realize their true capabilities through implementing pioneering methods in organizational dynamics and strategic thinking.

Stephen HarvilleToday Stephen works with organizations of all sizes to help them to remove the boundaries and restrictive thinking that are pervasive across Corporate America

As one of the top educators, consultants, and strategists, Stephen works with companies to maximize the potential of their human capital and the organization as a whole.  Sometimes the changes are large in scope, but often the changes begin with small, positive steps and creative approaches.

Stephen’s schedule has him crisscrossing the globe to bring these unique and dynamic approaches to a client base that includes, IBM, General Mills, Wells Fargo, Pepsi, Southwest Airlines, Samsung, JC Penney, Microsoft, Apple, AIA, Zappos and Allianz.

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The Creative Ventures Team

Colin Harvill manages our Dallas office. His focus lies in three core developmental areas: sales and marketing, operations, and the development of new strategic platforms that will focus on new market niches.

Dr. Jim Hengstenberg is not only a dear and trusted friend but, one of the smartest strategists around.  Jim’s keen insight has helped form the long term Creative Ventures direction.  He’s also my key editor.

John Peterson of Develare is my webmaster and has designed and managed my entire web presence. Ultra creative and a tech wizard his stuff is award winning.

Scott Braud handles all of our marketing and graphic design work.  Scott is a design genius and can take a concept to a completed project with the flair of the best creative people I know.