People at HKS, who can’t see Steve speak live, begin hounding me the next day for the recorded session. I get more requests for his presentations than any other speaker we see.


Steve’s opening is always rated the highlight of a week of training. He inspires our teams to go beyond their comfort zones.

JC Penney

It is impossible to describe how much I learned in such a small amount of time. I was not only energized, but ready to apply his ideas.

1st Clearing

What a stunning combination of entertaining, informative and engaging. I enjoyed every minute.

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Steve was the best facilitator we have EVER had. He brought new ideas and concepts to my daily management and business development ideas. The material was so relevant that I was ready to start applying them now. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep.

HKS Architects

A powerful message, well delivered and a life changer.

Boenning & Scattergood

I would be remiss in not admitting that you really made me look good. I must have had over 200 people come up to me and praise me for selecting you as our keynote speaker.

National Pawnbrokers Association

My staff reviewed several training programs and met with numerous consultants before determining that your custom design best met our needs. We have never regretted the decision to use your expertise. You went beyond our expectations and took us to the cutting edge.

Zale Lipshy University Hospital

Unlike so many of the step-by-step theories of delivering great customer service, your “real world” emphasis challenged our teams to take individual responsibility for problem solving and exceed our clients expectations.

Cooper Fitness Center

The feedback and comments received on the various programs and workshops you have delivered rank among the most complimentary and positive I have seen in twenty years of association management.

Community Association Institute

Your passion was contagious, your message powerful and your presentation was entertaining and enlightening. The audience was riveted to their seats and the only complaint I received was I didn’t give you enough time!

Better Business Bureau

At the IBM Leadership Excellency University we have the highest expectations for our instructors and speakers. Steve is the first presenter to ever kick-off our program and then return to be the honored speaker at our graduation.


You were the perfect choice to kick off our conference. Your information was targeted specifically for our audience.

Culinary Institute of America

Your two day session; Journeys in Leadership, was the highlight of our entire conference! You invigorated our members with your message about the impact of strong leadership. You kept the room full to capacity on two beautiful Kapalua days, which is the best endorsement anyone can give you!

National Association of Professional Employer Organizations

What you gave to us was so much more than consultation. Thank you for your passion and commitment in helping us. Your impact, without a doubt, is a lasting one that will reap rewards for our mission for years to come.

American Heart Association

You were regarded as the highlight of the show. Several requested I have you back next year. The only complaint I received was that I didn’t give you enough time.

Business Leader

I admit to being a little concerned having one person responsible for our entire day. After reviewing your outline and based on your history of with us, I took what was ultimately a fortuitous risk. At the end of your Mastery session I was THRILLED with the result!

Frito Lay

You set a record in receiving the highest marks in the history of the conference and the attendees were still talking about you on Friday. You were amazing!

The Society of Association Executives