The value of an idea is found in its application, in the traction it finds within a company.  The application element of Creative Ventures deals with the direct use of our ideas, platforms and operational strategies within the existing process of our clients.

Through our unique methods, we bring a philosophy of simple, powerful and elegant ideas to each of our clients’ specific needs.

We offer the advantage of an extraordinary client base, varied in markets and industries, that allows us to draw upon exceptional performances to frame ideas and solutions in a world view.

It’s not about just improving performance, it’s about creating exceptional results that fit a rapidly changing world.

REPEATABLE SUCCESSFUL ACTS:  Two years of study into the power behaviors of million dollar producers from five different industries has created a sales platform that can amplify any existing sales process.  With 21 key sales behaviors to choose from, these power behaviors have been added to the sales process of over 12 of our Fortune 500 clients and is our most powerful strategic sales platform.

TRADITIONS: The story of any organization is the core of its identity, yet surprisingly most don’t know how to frame the story to create a powerful impact.  Traditions is a very specific approach to crafting the history of any company to create a rich and influential tool to connect sales to a greater audience.

ONE LEVEL ABOVE:  The problem with most growth strategies is that they violate The Law of Abundance – More is not better and better is not best.  Strong strategies understand that BEST is the only goal and that the more ideas in play the farther removed from BEST an organization gets.  The fact is that ONE strong idea that moves an existing model above the current reality is more impactful than a dozen good ideas in play at half speed.  The ONE LEVEL ABOVE platform creates a simple, powerful, and elegant attack on excellence.

ELEGANT SIMPLICITY:  This is our three-part strategic planning platform that creates a model with applications to ANY idea. The death of effective planning lies in our desire for “more”.   We believe that more allows us to gain ground, to move forward, but the reality is that more leads to complexity.  The more complex any model, the less likely that model is to become reality By working within elegantly simple template you can develop true strategies that change the reality of any situation or a new view of the world of solutions that exist.