The creation of an idea is a uniquely human process. The genesis of something new, original, and impactful is what moves our today’s to our tomorrows. We never seem to be at a shortage of ideas, but the key to finding value in an idea lies in its ability to create engagement and to develop traction. The success of an idea is about putting it in motion. Ideas are about movement.

Stephen Harvill and Creative Ventures have been launching new ideas that are shaping global business for over 30 years. Each idea is original and diverse, bridging traditional corporate barriers. Delivered as a dynamic journey supported with stunning visuals and creative teaching tools, each presentation launches the imagination and engages the audience to think beyond their traditional framework.

Our current topics include:

  • 21 Secrets of Million Dollar Sellers Results of a 2-year study into the power behaviors of million dollar producers.
  • The One Click Armageddon – Discover the opportunity hidden in the Digital Revolution – The Power of You!
  • The Idea Factory –  Create a place for ideas to gain form, to discover function, and through a committed process, find value.
  • The Once Upon a Time Project – What is your story and how well do you tell it?
  • Elegant Simplicity – The staggering advantage of simple, powerful and elegant models.
  • The DNA of Success – This cutting edge data creates a key foundation for the development of your leadership model.
  • Dazzling Blue – The journey from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • The Beyond Series – A customized and connected cycle of new ideas that will lift your business to levels that separate and differentiate you in a commoditized world.
  • Why We Love the Movies – As entertaining as it is educational, this unique presentation takes you through the elements of our movie experience and is the #1 value add program booked for customer appreciation programs.