Elegant Simplicity

Strategic Planning in THREE steps

Planning is about tomorrow.  Strategic planning is about our ability to impact tomorrow.  The issue that dooms most strategic planning from reaching a point of impact is complexity.   We lack a true understanding of the planning process.  We believe in the need to plan, we simply don’t have the right tools.

Most strategic planning is drawn towards the idea of more.  We believe that more allows us to gain ground, to move forward in larger leaps, but the reality is that more leads to complexity and complexity is the death of effective planning.  The more complex the model, the less likely it is to become a new reality.

The Elegant Simplicity model of planning moves any plan or goal forward in a three step process.

CURRENT REALITY:  Start with where you are to gain success.  Involve as many people as possible to generate a sense of enrollment in both the process and the outcome.

VISION: Planning the future becomes clear when you have a strong consensus on current reality.  The process of creating a “vision” or a goal creates direction.  This is where your sense of future becomes focused.

LEVERAGE POINTS:  In order to move your current reality towards your vision you need action points.  The key to “doing” is to never choose more than THREE things to do, three impacts steps that move your current reality towards your goal/vision. Remember planning is a process and three steps seldom take you all the way to your vision.  Managing your resources and energy on three IMPORTANT actions steps assures succeed.

It’s all about thriving in markets that are smarter and faster than you are.


Simplifying the planning process to 3 key parts is the essence of Elegant Simplicity.  Planning is a transformative process