One Level Above

The Potential of Taking ONE Impactful Step

The idea is a simple one;  plan a significant and impact strategy that has one, single, step, a step that moves any existing model one level above the current reality.  By a strategic attack on a raising the entire goal one level you can focus resources, engage everyone and make significant movement towards separating and differentiating yourself in a crowded and ever more competitive market.

The ONE LEVEL ABOVE strategic platform takes advantage of the high level of engagement found in a single focused goal, a goal focuses on the impact at hand

The ONE LEVEL ABOVE strategy creates a model that constantly pushes your horizon.

Once your impact steps are “in play” your horizon or current is ever pushing forward, expanding your potential and creating new realities, realities open to the next single powerful step.

By connecting a series of steps that follow the accomplishment of the previous idea you create a model of constant forward movement.

The model consists of:

  • REALITY MAPPING:  The first step is to apply the mapping template to your goal.  The result is a firm understanding of your “current reality”.  This forms the starting point for the discovering the various opportunities for a focused step forward.  Everything starts with current reality.
  • THE CREATION OF SMALL STEPS:  The next step is to look for opportunities to connect impact, steps that raise the level of performance.  The key is to take only one small step at a time.  Focus your attention on the impact at hand.  Allow the change to take hold within the model.
  • PUSHING THE HORIZON:  The One Level Above strategy creates a model that constantly pushes the horizon.  Once your impact steps are “in play” your horizon or current reality is pushed forward.  Though the model moves your performance upward, you need to have a solid idea of where your horizon is.  This step connects your reality to your upward steps by keeping the big picture in constant view.