Interpersonal 1 on 1 Communication Skills

  • An interactive learning experience with a multimedia delivery.
  • A flexible number of participants.
  • Exercises for application of learned information.
  • Three part follow up to extend engaged learning.

What You Will Learn

BECOME BELIEVABLE: Understand that delivering the message is found in 3 core areas –

  • Verbal – the message
  • Vocal – tone and modulation
  • Visual – body language

DIALOG vs. DEBATE: It is about developing an exchange of ideas by being open to input.  Learn the
power of the open-ended or Socratic question.

CLARITY &  PLAN: The message must be clear and that only happens when you PLAN.

PAY ATTENTION: Conversations shift and move like the ocean.  Pay attention to changes
by applying what you have learned.  Shifts create opportunity.

ACTIVE LISTENING: Nothing is more important than your ability to listen.  Through the development
of this skill set, you can dominate all interpersonal communications.  You want to open the door to
the client’s world.