The enemy of good planning is the idea that more is better.  This creates levels of complexity that doom most strategic plans to various levels of failure.

What You Will Learn

  • DECIDING: Great planning is about the ability to “choose wisely” and filter a wide array of choices.
  • FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION: Choosing the right form that fits YOU is critical to your application of good planning.
  • ARCHITECTS OF TIME: The best planners control the “choice” of how they spend their time.
  • SEEING IS EVERYTHING: Planning is a visual process.   You must be in constant “sight” contact with the plan.
  • THE POWER OF 3: Simple works.  Forget about elaborate plans, they seldom happen.
  • OUR RANDOM UNIVERSE: The best plans are always victims of random unpredictable events.  Learn to adjust and plan with flexibility as a foundation.