The Once Upon a Time Project

Once_Upon_A_Time_Project_LogoOf all of the things in the universe that create power, perhaps none is more foundational than the power of story.

Stories are about a ONCE UPON A TIME idea. They revolve around emotion. A great story connects on multiple levels, it makes you feel something, it makes you want to know something, and it builds momentum around your goals.

THE ONCE UPON A TIME PROJECT is a workshop around the skills needed to craft and tell YOUR story.

Key Learning Elements

  • Understand the power of story and how to leverage this power in your story.
  • Learn how form follows function and how great stories move and flex to meet the needs of the writer.
  • Learn how to build your story through three simple core elements:
  1. What do you do?
  2. What value do you bring?
  3. How are you different?

To involve at the deepest level you NEED story!