The Idea Factory

Basic CMYKCompanies don’t suffer from a lack of ideas, they suffer from a lack of knowing what to do to make an idea impactful. They lack any sort of process around the development, implementation, and measurement of ideas. In fact, according to the Maurer Group, 78% of companies have no idea system at all which leads to an average failure rate of 70% for new ideas launched. 70%!

Ideas vanish from a lack of understanding, a lack of agreement and an utter lack of engagement. For almost 30 years Creative Ventures has been in the business of creating and developing ideas. We find our success in THE IDEA FACTORY, a simple, efficient, and repeatable process for providing a systemic approach to the development of ideas. THE IDEA FACTORY provides a place for ideas to gain form, to discover function, and through a committed process, find value.

Looking for a home for your ideas?