Thinking Skills

Thinking occurs best in environments that engage the senses. Information is just the starting point. The object of thinking is about moving from information to knowledge.

Thinking is an art form and when consistently practiced creates the largest business advantage available. Thinking allows you to model the world and represent it terms and concepts meaningful to you. It allows you to see the whole by understanding its parts.
Great thinking creates unlimited potential!

  • INTUITIVE THINKING: Your ability to “thin slice” an answer is based on your experience, NOT your age. Quick answers have value.
  • CRITICAL THINKING: This is about creating a “process.” Critical thinking is time sensitive so slow down. Seeing plays a key role in this type of thinking. The next step is to learn to simplify.
  • STRATEGIC THINKING: Think about a process: examine, organize, and decide. Great strategists use this process to make DECISIONS. Value drives the final choice.
  • CREATIVE THINKING: The creative process can open doors and create opportunity. Creative thinking is about developing multiple answers that are designed around potential.
  • PLANNING: Ideas only move forward with a sense of a focused tomorrow.